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TwoTrees TTS-55 Pro Laser Engraver 5.5w

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Introducing the TTS-55 DIY Laser Cutter Machine, an elite choice for hobbyists and small businesses aiming to improve their crafting abilities. Building on the successful TT-5.5S model, the TTS-55 showcases substantial advancements that redefine precision and user convenience in laser engraving and cutting.

This desktop model is equipped with a 32-bit motherboard, a significant upgrade from the previous 8-bit version, enabling enhanced functionality including wifi connectivity and the integration of flame detectors. Experience seamless control with its support for remote updates and wireless operation, ensuring your machine remains cutting-edge with the latest firmware.

The TTS-55’s prowess is exemplified by its advanced LD + FAC technology, which achieves a compressed laser spot of 0.08mm, facilitating faster and deeper cuts with unparalleled clarity. Expand your creative landscape with the optional extension kit, increasing the engraving area up to 420x400mm, and making it possible to undertake larger and more ambitious projects.

Designed for optimal user safety and convenience, the TTS-55 features a newly added emergency stop button and a ruler scale on its frame for precise material placement. The improved Z-axis lifter enhances focusing adjustments, making it easier than ever to achieve the perfect setup quickly.

Whether you’re working with leather, wood, acrylic, or metal, the TTS-55 is engineered to deliver exceptional results across a diverse range of materials. Pre-assembled to 60% and featuring a modular design, it promises an effortless setup, letting you dive into your projects without delay.

Choose the TTS-55 for a robust, versatile laser engraving solution that promises to transform your creative endeavours into spectacular realities.

Model: TTS-55


  • Type: 32-bit
  • Capabilities: Wifi connectivity, supports additional functions like flame detectors

Laser Technology:

  • Type: LD + FAC (Laser Diode + Focal Axial Collimator)
  • Spot Size: 0.08mm compressed laser spot for precise and deep cuts

Engraving Area:

  • Standard: 300x300 mm
  • With Extension Kit: 420x400 mm (optional)

Safety Features:

  • Emergency Stop Button: Instantly shuts off the device for enhanced safety
  • Flame Detector: Added for increased operational safety

Mechanical Components:

  • Z-axis Lifter: Improved for easy laser focus adjustment
  • Dual Y-axis Stepper Motor: Provides faster and more precise engraving


  • Pre-assembly Level: 60% pre-assembled, modular design for easy setup


  • Offline Engraving Support: ESP32 smart module for WiFi-based offline operation with a mobile app

Supported Materials:

  • Leather, wood, MDF, acrylic, cardboard, bamboo, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, paper, rubber, and sponge paper

Additional Features:

  • Laser Filter Protector: Magnet-attached, funnel design to prevent smoke interference with laser focus

Software and Firmware:

  • Update Compatibility: Firmware updates available for enhanced functionality and features