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Artillery, a Chinese company has released their latest technology to the market. The FDM 3D printer called “Sidewinder X1" is said have been broadly endorsed by customers due to its sturdy design and clean cable management while also being prohibitively expensive for most consumers with prices ranging between £1,500 and £4,000 depending on desired features or ability level.

The second FDM 3D printer from Artillery, the Genius continued their design philosophy of X1. This sturdy frame features neat cable management and was sold out shortly after its availability in late 2019.

Focussing on customers need for high-quality products with strong aesthetics that are easy to use while maintaining affordability through mass production techniques like additive manufacturing processes (AMD), which allows them not to be limited by traditional means such as tooling costs or lead time; Artillery has been able to achieve substantial growth rates over recent years due largely because consumers appreciate simplicity when buying 3D Printers. 


  • Artillery Sidewinder X2

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     The new Sidewinder X2 is a direct upgrade to the original, borrowing its design and incorporating all of its best qualities while adding more mode...

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