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Creality is a Chinese company that has been in operation since 2012. They make various products, including 3D printers and resin kits for hobbyists as well industrial models designed to produce high volumes at low costs. Creality is known for their high-quality, professional grade printers that are both easy to use and affordable.

Crealities self-owned factory is BSCI and ISO certified. Covering an area of 50,000 square meters and annually produces over 1 million units. All products are CE marked for safety as well as being ROHS compliant, so they can be safely used around people or near electrical equipment without risk! Creality also export their 3D Printers worldwide which have made them an integral part into many lives all across the world. 

Why Creality 3D Printers?

Creality have well established themselves as one of the leading producers of 3D Printers in the world. A consumer favourite, Creality's products, unlike many others, have an affordable price point combined with the latest cutting edge technology. Continuing to develop and pour resources in to R & D, Creality continually makes some of the best-selling 3D Printer Models available today.

Creality 3D are one of the biggest printer manufacturers in this world. They have been working closely with us for a number of years now. It's because we've seen their success from when they first burst onto the scene with the CR-10 model, which was release in 2012. Making a huge impact on the 3D Printer market, making it affordable for the average person for the first time.

The Creality 3D printers are dominating the market because they offer machines that produce favourably priced results, which is a trade-off. To get impressive items produced by these devices, however, users must build them themselves and sometimes trial-and error may be necessary to find out what works best for your specific needs or desires as well!