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TwoTrees TS-2 10W Laser Engraver

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The Two Trees TS-2 10W Laser Engraver is a high-performance laser engraver and cutter, with expert engineering that caters to the needs of hobbyists and professionals alike. It comes with a generous working area measuring 450x450mm, which allows this machine to handle large-scale projects across a diverse range of materials, from wood and plastic to leather and even stainless steel.

At the heart of this technology is the 10W laser, designed with Compressed Spot Technology. With the assurance of a laser spot accuracy of up to 0.08mm, enabling cuts deeper, cleaner, and sharper than your average models. Its powerful capability is able to cut through 8mm plywood with ease using the LD+FAC+C-lens technology support to exhibit unbeatable precision at any level of speed.

The machine is user-friendly with automated in the software that carries out the auto-focus of the Z-axis during tasks of engraving and cutting. This makes it very convenient in case various material depths are to be handled. It also features off-line engraving support, most notably for those working in an environment that may not have access to full online operation. The built-in ESP32-DOWD-V3 chip and 32-bit LX6 microprocessor surely support quick and efficient operations that could support your software like LaserGRBL and LightBurn.

Safety is the most important factor with this engraver and comes equipped with a double drag chain structure that ensures the protection of cables, emergency stop button, and limit switches on the X and Y axes to avoid overtravel. It also has an inbuilt air assist kit to enhance the quality of cutting and engraving. It also comes with a flame detector and automatic shut-off to ensure that it is operated with safety, even if there is no supervision involved.

This machine is versatile in the fact that it will effectively support various file formats and connectivity that include Wi-Fi, TF card, and USB connections. Whether creating detailed art projects, producing precise fabrication parts, or decorative engravings, this laser engraver has exactly what's needed to complete the job easily and rapidly with professional, quality results every time.


  • Working Area: 450x450 mm
  • Laser Power: 10W laser
  • Laser Technology:Compressed Spot Technology
  • Laser spot precision up to 0.08mm
  • Cutting Capability: Cuts through 8mm plywood easily
  • Supporting Technologies: LD+FAC+C-lens technology for precision and stability at high speeds
  • Auto-Focus: Adjusts Z-axis automatically via software
  • Offline Engraving Support: Ideal for environments without constant internet access
  • Processor and Chip:ESP32-DOWD-V3 chip
  • 32-bit LX6 microprocessor
  • Software Compatibility:Supports LaserGRBL
  • Supports LightBurn
  • Safety Features:Double drag chain structure to protect cables. Emergency stop button
  • Limit switches on X and Y axes to prevent overtravel
  • Built-in air assist kit
  • Flame detector and automatic shutoff capabilities
  • Connectivity Options:Wi-Fi
  • TF card
  • USB connections
  • File Format Support