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ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X2 Resin 3D Printer

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Introducing the Anycubic Photon Mono X2, a state-of-the-art 3D printer designed to bring your creative visions to life with exceptional precision and detail. Boasting a 4K+ screen resolution and a 9.1-inch monochrome screen, this versatile printer offers an expanded print area for creating large objects or multiple miniatures at once.

The innovative Anycubic LighTurbo matrix light source ensures uniform light exposure, while the dual linear guides and vibration-absorbing structure guarantee stable printing performance. Featuring a laser-engraved build plate for enhanced adhesion and compatibility with a wide range of resins, the Photon Mono X2 is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists. Experience seamless printing with broad slicer compatibility and comprehensive protective features, and effortlessly print diverse, high-quality models with the Anycubic Photon Mono X2.


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Enhanced Precision and Detail

The Anycubic Photon Mono X2 boasts a stunning 4K+ screen, featuring a resolution of 4,096 by 2,560 pixels. This high-resolution display achieves up to 48μm single-pixel accuracy, which is a 4% improvement over the Photon Mono X. As a result, the printer delivers an exceptional level of detail and precision in your 3D prints.

Unleash Your Creativity Without Boundaries

Equipped with a 9.1-inch monochrome screen, the Photon Mono X2 offers a print area that is 3.8% larger than its predecessor, the Photon Mono X. This larger print area enables users to print sizable objects or multiple miniatures simultaneously, providing the freedom to explore and express your imagination and creativity without constraints.

Optimized Light Source for Quality Printing

The Anycubic Photon Mono X2 features the innovative Anycubic LighTurbo matrix light source. This advanced technology projects UV light both parallel and perpendicular to the LCD screen, resulting in more uniform light exposure that significantly improves the quality of printed models.

Stable Printing Performance

To ensure consistent printing quality, the Photon Mono X2 employs dual linear guides and a POM clearance nut in conjunction with a vibration-absorbing structure. This design guarantees the z-axis' running accuracy, effectively eliminating layer lines and providing stable printing performance.

Laser-Engraved Build Plate for Enhanced Adhesion

The build plate of the Anycubic Photon Mono X2 showcases a textured checkerboard pattern, which not only makes it easier to remove printed objects but also dramatically enhances adhesion and print success rates.

Protect Your Investment

The Photon Mono X2 comes with a screen protector to safeguard against accidental scratches and damage, prolonging the life of the LCD screen. Additionally, the package includes one protection film and essential tools for further protection.

Broad Slicer Compatibility

The Anycubic Photon Mono X2 is compatible with its dedicated slicer software, Photon Workshop, which is consistently updated and available for free. Users can also utilize other popular slicing software options, such as CHITUBOX and Lychee Slicer, for a seamless printing experience.

Wide Resin Compatibility

The Photon Mono X2 supports various popular resin types, including standard, clear, tough, flexible, and water-washable resins, ensuring versatility and adaptability for your creative projects.

Effortlessly Print Diverse Models

Designed to cater to the high-precision, user-friendly 3D printing needs of both professionals and hobbyists, the Photon Mono X2 can efficiently produce a wide range of models and artworks, bringing your creative visions to life.

Technical Specifications:

  • Z Axis: Double liners with 10um accuracy
  • Build Platform: Laser engraved aluminum alloy
  • Contrast Ratio: 350:1
  • Light Transmittance: 5%
  • Exposure Screen: 9.1"monochrome, 4K+(4096x2560px)
  • Light Source: < 27,320 lux power density
  • Control Panel: 3.5"TFT touch-control
  • Power Supply: 100W rated power
  • Data Input: USB Type-A 2.0
  • Machine Leveling: 4-point manual leveling
  • Printing Speed: ≤ 6cm or 2.36in / hr.
  • Printing Volume: 4.8L / 162oz
  • Printing Dimensions: 7.8*7.7*5in. / 200*196*122 mm (HWD)
  • Machine Dimensions: 16.4*11.4*10.2in. / 417*290*260 mm (HWD)
  • Machine Weight: 7kg / 15.6lb