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Anycubic Kobra 3D Printer

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The new AnyCubic Kobra printer is an affordable and easy way for beginners or experienced users alike to get started with 3D printing. The system features a 220x220mm³ build volume that can be expanded upon by adding on extra prints, making it perfect as your first venture into this exciting field!

If you're looking to print in three dimensions, then there's no better place than Anycubic. Since their first sale of an A3 printer over two years ago they have been on a mission make it possible for everyone with access (and desire)to create something beautiful- no matter how small or large!

The Kobra is their newest and best entry level printer, with features out the box and build quality unmatched by another printer in its range!

  • Easy Levelling

With the Anycubic LeviQ, you can forget about painful, frustrating manual levelling of your heated bed. The self-developed automatic function will do it for you with 25 points of calibration and precision that is on point every single time.

  • Super Smooth Prints

The integrated direct extruder provides greater force and preciser control over the printer's output. It helps optimise printing precision by ensuring smooth transmission of filament through every stage, reducing jitter in this process for better results overall! The Direct drive extruder is an essential for quality looking smooth prints. 

  • Low-Maintenence

Able to withstand high-intensity printing, the magnetic platform is corrosion free and will save you a lot on maintenance costs! Not only that you can easily pop off your creations. The ultra resistant, flexible platform is an essential part to a reliable printer.

  • Endless Possibilities

The 220 * 220 * 250 mm print size is the perfect option if you need daily or small business use. It gives users more space for their creations, while still providing quality results in just about any circumstance! 

  • Print Faster Than Ever

Incredibly 167% faster than its comptetiors, printing at 180mm/s. Much faster than the average 80mm/s

  • User Friendly Touch Screen

The printer's interface has been designed with an intuitive 4.3-inch LCD touch screen that offers a better user experience and brighter display for easier reading, so you can enjoy your creative projects even more!

  • Quick Start

The printer is modular, so it's easy to put together. You can do this in 10 minutes! It also comes with a comprehensive manual, and auto-levelling with on screen quick start, to start you printing in now time.

  • Lightweight

Weighing only 7kg, this printer is easy to move, made of light weight materials, making it portable, but also sturdy for accurate prints.

Technical Specifications

  • Levelling: 25-point automatic levelling
  • Panel area: 7.95 in² / 51.3 cm²
  • Filament run-out detection: optional
  • Printing material: PLA / ABS / PETG & TPU
  • Nozzle size: ø 0.4 mm (replaceable)
  • Nozzle temperature: ≤ 500 °F / 260 °C
  • Hot bed temperature: ≤ 230 °F / 110 °C
  • Average speed: 2.0 – 3.1 in./s /5 – 8 cm/s
  • Control panel: 4.3 inch (10.92 cm) LCD touch screen
  • Z-axis: single threaded rod
  • Print size: 9.8 x 8.7 x 8.7 in. / 22 x 22 x 25 cm (DWH)
  • Printing volume: 3.20 gal. / 12.10 L
  • Machine dimensions: 48.6 x 43 x 48.6cm