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Winkle TPE-TENAFLEX Filament 0.75Kg / 0.20Kg

by Winkle
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TENAFLEX, also known as TPU or TPE, is the finest choice for prints that demand flexibility and resilience without losing finish.

Winkle TPE -TENAFLEX filament (1.75mm or 2.85mm) is made in Spain for 3D printers that use FFF / FDM technology. TPE is an elastomeric plastic having qualities that differ from standard elastic materials.

TPE - TENAFLEX has market-leading qualities such as resistance to bending, traction, compression, temperature, and tearing in the direction of the layers. The adhesion between layers is superior to that of traditional elastic materials, resulting in product components with extremely versatile mechanical properties.

Because of Winkle's stringent quality control, we ensure a consistent diameter throughout the winding, resulting in higher-quality prints and fewer jams in your machine. Similarly, our procedure ensures the absence of chemical contaminants that could alter the physical, chemical, and aesthetic aspects of our product.

To protect the qualities of our product from moisture and UV rays, they are put in a sealed bag. This makes TPE-TENAFLEX an ideal and cost-effective material for your projects.

Available Colours:

  • Glacier White
  • Jet Black
  • Natural
  • Devil red
  • Pacific Blue
  • Canary Yellow
  • Avocado Green
  • Leather

Available in  0.75Kg / 0.20Kg spools