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Winkle PLA Filament (Recycled) 1.00Kg

by Winkle
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Our recycled PLA HD RE filament (1.75mm) is made in Spain and is designed to work with FFF/FDM 3D printers. The starch that is harvested from corn, beets, and wheat is used to make PLA, a biodegradable plastic, which is produced from renewable resources.

The material left over after producing other filaments is used to make PLA HD RE. Similar to how our PLA HD is verified for quality, recycled filament must maintain a constant diameter throughout winding in order to produce prints that are substantially larger and prevent machine jams. Similarly, our procedure ensures that there are no chemical impurities that could change the physical, chemical, and aesthetic qualities of our product.

They are supplied sealed in a bag to shield it from moisture and UV rays in order to maintain the qualities of our product.

The PLA HD RE dark color filament is made using leftover ingredients from filaments in the same color family, thus the color may differ from what is shown in this photograph.

Available Colours:

  • Dark
  • Light

Please note, these recycled filaments combine multiple colours, no two reels will be the same shade, we have categorised them in to light and dark.