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Winkle PLA-INGEO-870 Filament 1.00Kg / 0.30Kg

by Winkle
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PLA 870 (PLA IE or Industrial Engineer) combines the greatest qualities of ABS (hardness and impact resistance) and PLA. (ease of printing and good finish). Its hardness and impact resistance are improved using an oven crystallization technique.

PLA 870 is created using a unique NatureWorks Ingeo 3D870 formulation. This generates an impact resistance 50% stronger than ABS and 120% higher after the post-annealing process. All of this with the convenience of printing a polymer like PLA and a strong resilience to UV rays.

Annealing Printed Parts

Ingeo 3D870 is formulated to crystallize when annealed post-printing. Crystallization is a simple and effective route to improve thermal performance and further enhance the impact properties of Ingeo 3D870. The recommended anneal temperature is in the range of 110°C-120°C. Annealing can be carried out in an oven or some other medium of heat transfer, such as a hot-water bath. Make sure to follow safety procedures that are appropriate for working around elevated temperatures. Below is a general guideline to anneal parts printed with Ingeo 3D870:

1. Preheat oven to an anneal temperature range of (110°C-120°C).

2. Measure the temperature at various locations in the oven to ensure the absence of hot/cold spots. Uneven heating can lead to unexpected warpage and sub-optimal performance of the part

3. Place the printed part in the oven and start a timer. The time to anneal parts with wall-thickness of 0.125 in (~3.18 mm) is around 20 minutes, but this time is dependent on wall thickness.

4. For large dimension parts, it is common to use support fixtures (e.g.-aluminium jigs) during the annealing process

5. Once removed from the oven, let the part cool in ambient conditions. Minimize handling, as the inside of the part will likely remain at elevated temperatures longer than the outside.

6. If using a water bath to anneal, the part may have to be at a temperature for a slightly longer time to crystallize (since the water-bath cannot be at 110°C-120°C).

7. Measure the dimensions of the part prior to annealing and again after, to determine shrink.


Winkle PLA 870 filament (1.75 mm or 2.85 mm) is made in Spain for 3D printers that use FFF / FDM technology. PLA is a biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources such as corn, sugar beets, and wheat starch.

Because of our stringent quality control, we ensure a consistent diameter throughout the winding, resulting in higher-quality prints and fewer jams in your machine. Similarly, our procedure ensures the absence of chemical contaminants that could alter the physical, chemical, and aesthetic aspects of our product.

To protect the characteristics of our product from moisture and UV rays, they are placed in a sealed bag. This makes the PLA 870 an ideal and cost-effective material for your projects.

Available Colours:

  • Glacier White
  • Jet Black
  • Ash Grey
  • Devil Red
  • Pacific Blue
  • Canary Yellow
  • Avocado Green

Available in 1.00Kg / 0.30Kg spools